This was the view in all directions Wednesday morning, with just a few fishing boats that I presume had spent the night out in the open waters. We were twenty two miles of the coast of Gloucester, MA, just past the Atlantic sea lane where we saw a giant ship carrying liquified gas to somewhere far away. Around it were dozens of humpback whales, minuscule in proportion, blowing water some twelve feet in the air. Before long, the ship was out of sight and we were alone again, with the whales. 

We saw about twenty five whales that morning, mostly humpback, but also fin whales and a bunch of loner minke whales off in the distance. It was majestic, the stillness alone was worth the trip.

Our captain would stop the boat near where he thought a whale would surface, and all of us passengers would be silent with anticipation. I don’t recall such silence as we experienced out there. I wish it hadn’t gone by so quickly.